cities made of song

come on ace we've got work to do

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call me gin.
into: comics, girls, & cats
not into: tories

this is a mostly defunct fic archive, but i still read the comments.
i'm interesting_gin here, and interestinggin (sans hyphen) everywhere else.
everything written after 2014 is either at my tumblr or at ao3,
or generally not suitable for public consumption and therefore
only in existence in a vault at the bottom of the sea on my harddrive

i have a blanket permission policy on all adaptations of my works: fanart, podfics, translations, related works.
the only requirements are that i'm credited, linked and informed.
the quickest way to find me to do this, or to make friends, is pretty much always via my tumblr.
god i love making friends. please come make friends with me! friends are just so darn great.